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Hello and welcome!

WHO is Violet Magazine for? the woman who wants it all …. the woman who is looking to be educated in an entertaining way.  It’s not just floaty, feminine and fabulous!   This is one action packed, brimming full of resources for the everyday woman.  The female entrepreneur, the woman in business, the woman who would like to work from home, the woman who likes to change things up.

Previous to putting Violet Magazine together I used to teach – special education to children and tutor some adults, both gifted (extending their abilities) and challenged (those who may be dyslexic, or a bit behind for any number of reasons) how to read and write through a language arts program.  I strongly believe being able to read and write is a skill set that ought to be afforded to everyone. Sadly, this is not the case.

It became obvious to me that people learn differently.  That this is extremely important to recognise.  You can learn, be educated, have fun, and be entertained simultaneously.  You just need to know how to ‘package the format’.   ~ Alyson Swan

Communication, human behaviour and the power of words have always fascinated me.

This is why I built a magazine app.

It means so much to me that the content inside Violet Magazine can potentially benefit everyone alike.  I’m excited for you the reader.

So this digital magazine is different, a little left of field from other digital magazines – it is totally interactive, it is innovative, it can be richly immersive in the experience it provides readers.

That’s the gold.  The juju.



Cover ModelLouella DevillePhotographer – Mad Dame





Providing so much more for so many people.  It is visual, but not just in the normal way, the traditional printed format. It allows videos to be viewed from inside the pages, allowing content to be seen (visual) and heard (auditory) simultaneously.

If you are an advertiser – we can send your readers to view your video’s from within the pages of Violet.

You are able to place your ‘opt-in pages’ directly inside the pages of Violet.  Hell, you can place course content in  ‘Special Issues’ of Violet.

It is so exciting because the Violet Magazine app can be viewed on ANY device!

Apple iPhone, iPad, desktop, laptop etc.  All Android devices.  It’s all covered.  Even if you are on the GO!  You have so many choices to view Violet.  It is so accessible you can go to your community library and view it on their computers!

We are also hosting the issues here (via the shop) on this website in PDF format.

How cool is that!  Being able to host engaging, richly immersive experiences for you our reader from within the pages of Violet.  It may be educational in its format, and/or something fun and entertaining.

All from inside the pages of Violet Magazine.

So are you ready to be an INSIDER?



“I am thrilled to be published on such a reputable, quality, worldwide platform with thousands of amazing readers all over the globe. What an honour!” ~  Cat LeBlanc – Business Strategist at catleblanc.com

“I was thrilled to be a contributor for the most recent additions of Violet magazine, which is a fabulous, informative and beautiful magazine for female entrepreneurs. It’s a wonderful assembly of ideas and celebrations for our ever growing community of women embracing the online business world.” ~ Louise Glendon louiseglendon.com.au, clicklovegrow.com.au

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For those with pure lifestyle and business indulgence in mind, come next door and peruse your desires with our ever changing internationally and seasonally inspired bites size pieces of information.  We love value, lots of different options, just like you.

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Hello and Welcome!

To Blog Violet!

Oh my gosh, this has been a long time coming … but it’s here.  And I wanted to say ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’ to our cosy corner of the web.  It’s great to see you here.

For soooo long I have been putting off having a blog.  Not because I don’t think it would be a great format to connect and communicate with everyone, but, because of the pre conceived ideas that it would suck up ‘time’.  Something that has been in rather short supply whilst building the magazine apps.

Until …. I realised that it wasn’t a luxury, but a necessity.  I’m so excited to be here!



Latest Issue

The Latest



What you can expect from this exclusive Violet Magazine issue:

COVER: Alyson Swan

Featuring  Alyson Swan – Meet The Powerhouse Behind the Wildly Successful Violet Magazine Brand

Krista Jane Smith – How to Do More With LESS

Sam Sutherland – 9 Top Tips to Drastically Reduce Your Stress Levels!

Aly Swan – What is Research Intelligence and is it for YOU?

++ so much more!

It is available to view on ALL devices.  Totally interactive digital versions through the Apple Newsstand and Google Play Store.

Or, if preferred, there is a pdf version right here in the Violet Magazine online shop for your convenience.

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